Dear Friend.

Friend of humour. Friend of cartoonists.

Collector of African Art. Historian of the city of Zemun.

Writer of the encyclopaedia Zemunska Skola Karikature.

Editor of the magazine TRAG.

Organiser of the Zemun International Salon of Caricature.

And a lovely person who will be missed by many.

Branko Najhold started 22 years ago with his Salon of Caricature, because he was a lover of cartoons and because he wanted to put his beloved city of Zemun in the international spotlights. He created an international jury and asked cartoonists from all over the world to participate in this contest. Soon it became an international meeting place of cartoonists.

Every year he produced –sometimes under difficult circumstances- an exhibition, a warm and spectacular opening and a full colour catalogue. He invited prize-winners and guests to be present at the ceremonies.

I was happy to win once the Golden Prize and a special Prize Juliana Zivkovic and I was proud to have a personal exhibition in the Salon.

At the early start Branko was supported and assisted by his friend Juliana Zivkovic (who died in 2003). Her place was taken over by the lovely Bojana Ivanovic, who supported him till the end.

Zemun became an interesting place for cartoonists. Guests were always staying in hotel Skala. Always having good drinks and excellent food, boat trips, workshops at the Colony, walks in and around Zemun and visiting Belgrade.

Missing this event is a great loss for all who loved cartoons and cartoonists.

Missing Branko, who was part of many lives and part of my personal history, is hard to accept. But –as we can say- someone is really dead if nobody talks about him anymore.

So let’s talk about Branko for many years and keep him alive in our hearts.

Let’s start with an special Memorial Branko Exhibition in his beloved Zemun.



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